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Goomba. Cameron shrugged, she wasn't one to question Enza's nickname technique. They ahd their own way of doing things, just like she did. It worked well for both of them. Now the real question was could Coleen sit with them? Cameron had been thinking and had been prepared for a simple one on one with Enza. It wasn't that Cameron didn't welcome new company, she was just super bad at first meetings, since she always found a way to mess it up.

"Yeah you can sit with us! We're cool people, which looks like it's something you'd appreciate." She opened her arms dramatically to cover the whole table. "Currently we are discussing how some people are judgy fucks who dislike people being different. I think we all have experience with that." She slid her stuff along the table then moved down the seat, nestling herself in the corner, resting one foot under her other leg.

She looked over Coleen in more detail as she took a sip from her coffee. If Cameron was honest yes she did find Coleen attractive. Had that influenced her decision to let her sit at their table? Maybe. It wasn't exactly an important detail, just her objectifying someone, no biggie. That head tilt was cute enough as things were. Cameron shook her head to get her train of thought back on the tracks.

"But yeah we're just chillin'."
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