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Can you hear me?
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Junko stopped again, treading water to see-

Was this shit for real?

Junko knew that what she just saw wasn’t something her brain made up. But did Jerry just get into another crash? This time it was the swim team girl, Mia. In some ways, Junko admired Mia. She was dedicated, damn it. They never talked much, but she was supposed to be really good at swimming. Cheerleading and apparently BMX, too. Of course Junko would approve.

She didn’t approve of Jerry being the crash monkey for today, though.

At least she had a sense of humor about it. Junko tried to stifle a laugh. Tried. But it only lasted a few seconds. She laughed anyways. Okay, Mia, you win. That was actually pretty damn funny.

It was like a game of dominos, wasn’t it? Pretty soon Mia would crash into someone else, and they’d crash into… dunno, Nadia, and it’d all loop back to her. No, not dominos, then. A cycle. A cycle of crashing while swimming. Even if someone could have drowned, it was still funny to her.

Once she was done laughing, she said:

“Let’s not crash any more, ‘kay?”

She still smiled, though.

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