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((Blair Moore Pregame start))

The rows and rings of Target’s clothing department were quaint, really, in that cheap-and-mass-produced-retail-store kind of way. They were lined with tacky, probably really low-quality stuff, but they were passable. Blair normally avoided the place, because who wanted to go around in a Target outfit? People with no sense of taste. Blair had taste. Lots of it. So she bought clothes online or in that one cute boutique down the street.

Unfortunately for Blair, though, a fashion emergency was underway, and she had been forced into Target in search of a new tee. Not just any tee, though; this was a very specific, pale pink tee which was comfortable and sexy. Blair liked being comfortable and sometimes even sexy, and she’d liked her tee. But it’d been ruined in a tragic spaghetti sauce incident. She’d incidentally nearly burned her hand in the process, but hands healed; clothes did not. The tee was ruined.

So now she’d been forced to hunt down another one, but the local boutique was lacking. See if Blair shopped there anytime soon. Luckily, she’d discovered that Target actually carried that brand of tee, and Blair had rushed there immediately. The internet was wonderful like that, with its free information and convenience. But that was wasn’t important; what mattered was that Blair NEEDED her favorite tee back.

Of course, now she had to actually find the specific top, which was no small feat. And Blair had scanned the area for like 10 minutes to no avail. “Urgh,” Blair grumbled, wrinkling her nose upon discovering an ugly lime green tube top. Who’d ever wear that? Trash, of course. Not Blair.

Coughing into the crook of her elbow in a practiced fashion and taking a slightly wheezy breath, Blair glanced around. It didn’t look like any of the workers were nearby, so she couldn’t ask them. With a groan, Blair went back to looking. She was slightly out of breath from wandering around for a while, so hopefully she could find her tee soon.
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