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Nirvana, huh? She had been reading a few books on Japanese culture that talked about Buddhism along with other religious practices and ceremonies still done in Japan. Adelaide thought Penelope was simply relaxing, but apparently she was trying to "commune with nature." She was not sure about if the other girl thought what she was doing was a religious experience, but all of Adelaide's knowledge on the subject was through theory instead of practice.

"Interesting. You might have to do away with the tea though if you want your body to be cleansed?" Adelaide replied, but there was a teasing edge to her tone. Most of the bottled teas that were popular had artificial syrups and heavy amounts of sugar. Not the kind of thing that could give you a detox unless you searched hard enough. "Nonetheless, props to you for taking time to be at ease."

Maybe it was a little hypocritical, judging a drink by its contents over taste, but she had grown up accustomed to foods that did not hide unhealthy ingredients behind scientific names. If she made a cake, she knew how much sugar, fat, and salt she put into it. Bottled teas were much more tricky. She turned back to Alessio, who stood awkwardly off to the side with, she now noticed, bags in his hands. "You doing chores?"

Adelaide had never had to walk back home with groceries in tow, since it was either her dad or her grandma Marie that would shop for food. She only tagged along if she needed some of her own ingredients.
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