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'Yeah," he said quickly. "Yes. Let's do cake. Cake right?"

He looked at the box in Alba's hand and waved dismissively.

"It's box cake, we've got this. I thought this was cooking class, not a fucking- uh- cake walk class. A brain-dead monkey could make box cake."

He flashed a brief thumbs up, but didn't venture a smile. People seemed to think his fake smiles were off-putting and weird the few times he'd tried it, so he didn't bother.

He looked over Alba's shoulder and observed the stirring. In order to actually see the bowl he straightened his back out of his characteristic slouch, bringing him closer to his actual height. "If it's box cake, after you stir in the eggs and whatever, you just stick it right in the pre-heated oven. Someone preheated the thing, right?"

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