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((Brendan Harte continue from The Tyranny Of Grocery Bags))

The library was very quiet today and Brendan was the only one there. He knew that he should be studying hard. But he honestly was not in the mood right now. He wished that there was someone he would talk to help distract him from his less favorite subject. Ugh, math. He really didn't enjoy his math classes at all. But he knew that he had to try harder to improve his grades. But he was starting to get a headache from looking down at the numbers on paper for too long and he placed down his pen down on the table, feeling a little stressed out.

Brendan sighed softly and he rubbed his hands over his face, feeling a bit exhausted. He looked up and he glanced towards the library's entrance. Hmm. Maybe he could just leave and work on his math work another day. No, no. He had to at least try to finish it today because then he could get it out of the way. He gazed down at the paper again and he picked his pen up again, tapping it gently against the table in frustration. This was making him start to feel a little moody and he really disliked being in a bad mood at school.

"Man, I wish that someone would just come in here and disturb me from doing this subject I really don't like." Brendan was speaking to himself and he didn't really care as he knew that he was all alone. "I think I should stop talking to myself. I am sounding like a weirdo right now."

Brendan shook his head and he started to laugh slightly. He felt like math was starting to make him feel like he was going crazy and he knew that he that he needed a break from this for about a few minutes. He threw his pen back down beside his math paper and he got up to his feet slowly. He really did need to do something else to help him relax. Maybe he would look for a book to read, that would always help him get back into a happier mood.

Brendan scooted over to where the shelves were and he started to look through the books, hoping to find something good to read. "Alright, let's see what they have." He started to hum quietly to himself and he was focusing more on what he would like to read. "Oh, maybe I should read a romance book this time. Or maybe a horror book. Hmm, what to choose?"
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