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Alvaro stopped humming, not because something interrupted him, but because the song had ended. He couldn't quite think up of another song to hum that wasn't the one he just hummed. He didn't normally like to hum the same song twice in a row, especially considering the length of whatever song he was singing was actually pretty long (over five minutes, if he was taking the time on the microwave correctly, which he should be), and he didn't want to hum it again. He looked at the cake mix, it still needed some stirring.

"Oh, hey." Alvaro's voice raised a bit when his partner came, taking him by surprise a little. Alba wasn't part of his café crowd, but he knew her, a bit. She was very social, but they didn't talk to each other much. They didn't have any hobbies that really matched enough to be able to hold a conversation. He had heard rumours that she could be a bit of an airhead, but to him that remained to be seen and it wasn't quite something that Alvaro wasn't interested in seeing. He replied to her, so that they could be on good terms while they worked. "Not much, really."

He reached behind him and grabbed the recipe for what they were making, and handed it to Alba. "Read this, while I keep stirring the mix." That sounded... kinda robotic. He found himself flare up a little bit, but not much. He wanted this to be a social activity, not something where they worked together and then never talked again, and he was doing a job that pulled towards the latter, rather than the former.

He saw another person near his table in his peripheral vision. Not someone he had seen in this classroom before. Was he supposed to be here? If he wasn't he figured that he'd just tell the teacher on him, but Alvaro wasn't quite sure yet.

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