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((Jane Madison continued from The Tyranny of Grocery Bags))

Jane didn't mind working the theater too much. Yeah, it could suck, but hey! She wasn't working at MacDonald's, so there was that. Pay was better and the work was usually less disgusting, unless she was cleaning the bathrooms. That was a nightmarish task she avoided like the plague. Especially given she'd probably get the plague by being in there too much. Seriously, the amount of bodily fluids she'd had to clean from the ceiling was both impressive and depressing.

Luckily, today was a Saturday shift, and today Jane was working tickets, which was pretty simple. Take money/card, insert into register, smile at people and don't flip out. Much better than bathroom duty. Ugh.

As she approached the theater, a foul smell hit her. Jane had always hated smoking; it was horrible for your health, and what's more the smell made her gag. It was just an unpleasant habit. As Jane arrived, she recognized the other student working the shift today, Jae. Despite their similar names, Jae and Jane were not close. He was one of those surly goth kids that not only smoked, but was just...unpleasant to be around for Jane.

Still, at least a semblance of friendliness was expected. Could be worse; could be Caedyn.

"What's up?" Jane said in a not-terribly-enthusiastic voice. "You heading in?" After all, the shift was starting in a few minutes. Jane was running a little late, but she'd been sleeping in after a night out. Not a great excuse but hey, she was on time and not hungover, so what's the big deal?
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