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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Okay, so 'they' was what they were all going with. Okay, that answered one question. Coleen also felt an intense urge to sigh in relief that she hadn't fucked up the greeting. Everybody was all smiles. Terrific! Now this social situation was only half-awkward. She thought for a moment, with how they were looking back at her at first, that things had gone sour. Apparently not the case. Neat!

"Aaaaa-haha, hello!" Coleen smiled sweetly. She only had one eye to work with, which was the case most of the time, but she was fairly confident she had correctly applied the charm needed. "You mind if, um, I move my stuff to sit with you guys?" The words came out before she knew it. Sitting with the other girls wasn't actually ideal regarding her goals; reading a screenplay and engaging in conversation were two mutually exclusive things. The damage had been done and the line was cast, so she might as well commit.

Besides, she supposed she spent enough time by herself anyhow. Talking to somebody else would be nice. Fiddler could come later. Coleen gave in to her tic and brushed the hair out of the good side of her face, tilting her face ever so slightly so it would fall just a bit further over the bad part. She heard the head-tilt made her look cuter anyway.
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