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Alice pursed her lips.

While the other girl was quite cheerful, Alice wondered if she'd offended Kizi somehow. While it was certainly kind of her to want to avoid disrupting any conversation about art that might spring forth, truth be told it only served to make Alice feel somewhat curious. While she didn't suspect a spiteful intent, she wondered if Kizi felt hurt by not being adequately included. Alice hoped not; she'd feel terrible if that were the case, just absolutely ashamed.

Kizi had to have other interests, obviously. Nobody got through life doing literally nothing. Even if you sat in a corner and watched paint dry all day every day, you had an interest. Admittedly it was the most boring interest imaginable, but it was something. So Alice cocked her head and smiled gently at the other girl, hopefully making her feel more welcome.

"C'mon," she said in a quiet but playful voice, "you've got to do something, right? What do you like to do?"

Oh no, she thought as Jen's face caught her eye as she tilted her head, I can't leave her out too. God, she was awful at this sort of thing. Conversations were so tough for Alice, it seemed, despite everyone else managing just fine. There were so many rules and things you had to do, it was exhausting. "What about you Jen? Anything you do in addition to drawing?"

Alice smiled. "Maybe you two have something in common?"
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