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Null sheen.
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Someone laughed from behind her. Enza's eyebrows went up, and then furrowed. Swear to god, if someone was taking the piss out of her, she was gonna start punting people down staircases.

Vincenza tried - and mostly succeeded - to withhold a glare as she twisted around to see exactly who was there. A brief second of confusion later, and then the long hair swept across the face clicked. Right, Coleen, right. She was pretty quiet, not really someone that Vinny brushed shoulders with too often. There was, of course, the obvious distinguishing feature... but to be frank Enza was the last person that was going to take issue with appearances. Hell, in some ways, the gnarly scarring across Coleen's face was pretty damn cool... though it was probably cooler to look at than, well, y'know... have it.

...She probably hadn't thought that through very well, come to think of it.

Vincenza opened her mouth for an introduction, and then Cameron did it for her. In the best possible way. Enza couldn't keep a broad grin from spreading across her face. This, this was why she'd needed to meet up with Cameron today.

Tipping an imaginary hat to Coleen, Vinny bowed her head, flashing a smile. "'allo, Goomba."
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