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It took a couple of seconds for Bryony to realise her mouth was hanging open. Sandra's comment had taken her by surprise. She just wasn't really used to such earnest enthusiasm when it came to her little pipe dreams. Admittedly, this was partially because it was pretty rare for Bryony to actually share her secrets with other people, but she felt as though she had good reason to for... some of them. On top of that, the last time she'd mentioned her potential desire to stream, it had been to her parents, and as luck would have it, Bethany was in earshot at the time. It was still something she taunted Bryony about.

The more Bryony thought about it, she wasn't sure whether she was more surprised at Sandra's comment or the fact that she'd even mentioned it to her in the first place.

Bryony closed her mouth to stop her looking so stupid. Then she realised she still had a spoonful of ice cream prepared, so she opened it again.

"I, um... I mean, wow, uh..." Bryony paused for a second, giving herself time to think, as well as the equally important time to have another spoonful of ice cream.

"I guess, um, I could go for that angle, yeah. Yeah, definitely! I mean, um, it'd probably be more interesting for people to find stuff out about a game from someone talking to them about it rather than by reading a walkthrough or something... I just, um, hope I don't freeze up in the middle of my sentences. 'Specially if there's, uh, a ton of people watching. It's why I always hated acting and theatre and, um, all that stuff."

The gears in Bryony's brain were beginning to go into overdrive. Maybe the more educational route would be a good course of action. Sure, there were a lot of youtube videos talking the mechanics of games to death, but maybe she could aim for the secrets or hidden areas of games, whilst still keeping things fresh and interesting for the viewers. That just left the main question of what games she could play. Platformers were easily her forte, but she knew quite a few people had already done stuff like Shovel Knight before. She could always try her hand at Mighty Number 9 when it came out, but that would go against the whole 'educational' thing if she herself was a newbie to it, wouldn't it? Perhaps she could look towards some of the DS Castlevania games, or one of the Ratchet and Clank games. They had plenty of secrets, after all. Ooh, or maybe Shantae? And of course, you couldn't really go wrong with League or Smite...

Bryony hadn't even begun to factor in stuff like recording software and a decent microphone before another question entered her mind. She doubted Sandra would be leading her on in anyway, but... she still felt like she had to make sure.

"You'd, um... you'd really watch me stream? If I decided to?"


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