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((Sorry, forgot to post an Away on Main, my bad!))

"Oh, nothing of interest!" Kizi said in response to Alice's question.

That was true.

Most of her interests were of the academic variety, or the awfully generic everyone-has-them variety, or of the not-exactly-suitable-for-a-discussion-in-a-diner (okay that was far too long) variety. Hearing people talk about art and drawing, even though Kizi had nothing of interest to contribute beyond bad jokes, was far more interesting for most people than hearing Kiziah explain the oddities of the Finnish language and the intricacies of etymology and the mathematics jokes sprinkled throughout The Simpsons.

Okay, that all sounded quite interesting to Kizi, but she was cherry-picking, she was sure of it, not to mention biased as hell.

So, she just said "carry on with the art stuff, it's cool!", adding in a sincere and warm smile for emphasis, before reaching over to grab her plate so she could continue eating.
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