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Hmm, these two seemed busy. Let's see what they're up to!

Henry made his way around the chairs and peered over Bridgette's shoulder to get a better view of the paper on the table she seemed to be working on. It appeared to be a drawing, which was pretty cool. It looked like...an old guy? Oh, it was some kind of monk. Cool, cool. He was dressed oddly, though, like some kind of strange tunic thing? Huh.

"Wow, cool, you do art stuff?" Henry exclaimed, more quietly than his initial greeting. "It's a neat drawing, but I don't draw much, so I dunno how it works. Like, how do you do that kind of stuff?" Art was cool. Henry wished he could do it with a degree of effectiveness, but his drawings usually looked like noodle people. Hmm, he could go for some noodles...Oh, never mind, Amigara Fault's noodle people. Noodles were no long attractive. Well, they weren't that ugly before they went into the faults, but post-'THIS IS MY HOLE' they were kind of gross and weird. Not delicious.

Henry briefly looked over at Danny, who seemed to be scribbling out rude stuff on the table. Henry could get behind that. Then he glanced over at Bridgette and inquired, "Do you ever draw food? Like, say, spaghetti and meatballs?"

Darn, he was hungry now. He'd already had lunch, but now he wanted more food.
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