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“…the fuck is your problem?”

Something was definitely up Georgie’s ass that day: ripping on her name couldn’t have been enough to make her this pissed off at Vanessa. Well, with Georgie it could have been, but she was still being way over the line over nothing.

“You talk to everyone on the team like this, or am I just lucky?” she asked, though if this was lucky then give her a black cat any day. Lucky people didn’t have to deal with people running their mouth off at them for no good reason, nor did they have their actual support for the team be questioned by a teammate (though one who sure as hell wasn't acting like one) for who fuckin’ knows why.

Wait, was this because she’d missed the last practice?

“Is this because I was out last week? I had a cold, Georgie. You got something against people being sick?”

Christ, she knew that Georgie wouldn’t know how to relax if someone paid her to, but she didn’t have to shove it down everyone else’s throat. So she missed last practice, big deal. It wasn’t like it was the first practice she’d missed, and it wasn’t as if she wanted to avoid practice either. If that was ever the case, not that it was going to be, she'd just not show up for practice.

She threw her hand up in the frustration of dealing with someone so anal and annoying, her hand coming dangerously close to grazing Georgia Lee’s face in the process.
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