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Cameron nodded as she took a sip from her coffee. It was slightly bitter but she could deal with that. The more important thing was that someone had put Enza through a loop, purely because she was different, she hated that. Cameron had always been slightly protective on Enza in a weird way. Not that it was noticeable from watching them interact but deep down she cared a lot. She spun the pencil through her fingers with her free hand, thinking of what to say to make her friend feel better.

As she opened her mouth to tell Vinny that the people who spoke were just scared of her being different she heard someone giggle. Her vision shot around the cafe, eyes narrowed and sharp. If they were laughing at her friend there was going to be trouble, Cameron had never had a problem with that. She wasn't physically aggressive but verbally...well she'd picked up some tricks from hearing her parents.

Happily enough the culprit made themselves known Coleen turned round and greeted the two of them. That made Cameron relax, from what she'd seen of Coleen she didn't seem like the malicious type. Plus she was greeting them and not immediately saying she agreed with the people who had made fun of Enza and she didn't know Vinny's name. The melty face was also a reason to believe she wouldn't laugh at someone getting mocked.

"I am her." Cameron said in reply to Coleen's question. "And they are," She pointed at Enza. "Vincenzo 'Vinny' 'Enzo' 'Enza' Gatti the Third, Living Ruler of Gender and Sexuality. Represented here today in the temple known as Cheryl's." She made sure to finish with a flourish, making a little bow motion. "All praise them as human." She looked back at Coleen. "So! What's up?"
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