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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen giggled.

She had really tried not to, as doing so would reveal that she was listening in on the conversation, but the string of swearing was too much. She supposed after the fact that some people trying to eat or about to eat might have been grossed out, but having little siblings and having to care for them hardened up the stomach a fair bit to toilet humor. For that, she guessed she could consider herself grateful.

Turning to the right in order to peer behind her (she always turned to the right - it was her good side), Coleen could see Cameron Herrig out of the corner of her eye. She always envied Cameron... well, not Cameron specifically, but people like her. People who could be so 'out there' and bold when it took every fiber of her being to get on stage and not collapse in a puddle of her own tears from fright. Next to her was... Vincenzo, she thought, but Coleen was always nervous around... them? Try as she might to be sensitive, she struggled to wrap her head around how somebody could be neither a boy nor a girl. Her general policy was to just follow the lead of others. This did nothing to assuage the awkwardness when she had nothing to go off of, however.

Given that there were two kids from school right behind her, Coleen figured she should at least say hello (though if you asked her feelings on the subject, she would much rather sit there, wait for her food and read her screenplay). She set her knees over the side of the seat and turned further to the right, looking at the both of them. "Hey!" Coleen offered her best smile and prayed it wouldn't break. "Cameron and... shoot... help me out here?" She lied, pretending not to know Vincenzo's name. It would give her something to go off of.
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