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So apparently everyone gets a miracle, according to this book? Huh, that was an idea he kinda dug. There was probably something that made every person on this Earth unique, even if it was something completely meaningless. It'd beat his viewpoint in that people were chained to society and got stuck in a wheel. Looking at it, nothing had happened that made him special, at least not yet, so it seemed that he hadn't gotten his miracle yet. He'd just have to work for his. Write a novel, get the fuck out of here, and live life the way he wanted to.

...Wait, this dude's miracle was living next to some girl? Yeeesh, that kinda soured his expectations rather quickly.

Still, aside from that, this book was pretty good so far. Protag felt like an actual human being, talking about his life and actually being panicked upon seeing a corpse. Writing style was alright, he could learn something from this. It seemed that John Green was okay at creating characters so far, although things might change since he was still only in the prologue. Book made him smile a bit too, with the thing about Dr Jefferson Jefferson. This was actually pretty good, and he wouldn't mind staying here for half an hour if it meant reading this. Sure, there would be the jackasses who'd speed past where he was and call him a "retarded faggot" or something like that, but he could manage that, it was unlikely that he'd remember them tomorrow and he was probably smarter than them anyway.

Someone called out to him, said hi.

Oh boy, it was Ty Yazzie.

They did not get along. For whatever reason, Jeremy doing his normal daily routine of telling jokes during class set Ty off for some reason, and he was often treated coldly by him. Despite not wanting to hate anyone, he really wasn't going to treat anyone who treated him like that with respect, and it all went downhill from there. So when somebody who visibly hated him came up and said hi, he wasn't really seeing it as a peace offering. Still, he shouldn't burn the bridge yet, he might actually want to say sorry. Jeremy looked up from his book.

"Hi," he said, a little more blank and cold than he wanted it to be.
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