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Tara wasn't really okay with the prospect of giving the money back to Conrad, it seemed. She visibly grimaced at what he said, and referenced... Abraham Lincoln? He wasn't quite sure what that meant, despite being an American History buff. Oh well, didn't matter. If he really cared he'd just research it on the internet tomorro-wait, not tomorrow, today, technically. He had to remember that it was past midnight now. It was going to throw him off while he was here but once he got sleep he'd be able to actually adjust to the fact that tomorrow was actually today right now. Once he got up today, it wouldn't matter anymore, so it didn't matter, in the long run.

Tara ran one of the apple juices through the counter six times, and gave him the price. $11? Huh, that was more expensive than he'd thought it would be. He reached into his own pockets, trying to get a grip on his wallet. She asked why he needed them, and he responded truthfully.

"It's actually for my sister. I forgot to do some when I was doing the shopping earlier today. I was going to get some more tomor-today after school but I wanted to make sure she wouldn't complain."

He grabbed his wallet, placing it on the counter. He took out three $5 bills and placed them on the counter. "Here you go." He said in a singsong tone of voice.
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