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((Alba Reyes: Pregame Start))


Alba looked at her cell phone clock as she hurried down the halls of Cochise High's West Wing. How could she be so stupid as to not set her alarm clock for this morning? Her mom took Carlos and Sofia to school early, and her dad was sleeping in after a long night. There was no one to wake her up, and she was generally trusted to get to school on time. Now she was running to the Home Ec class tardy and hoping the teacher would be sympathetic. She had to be, considering Alba was wearing sweat pants and unwashed hair tied in a loose bun.

Alba hurried into the room and took a minute to catch her breath. Home Ec was a class Alba thought would be a fun and easy elective. She'd get to make yummy food and eat it before the next class. Granted, she often found herself defaulting to whoever else she was working with, but she still considered it one of the better electives she had taken in school that wasn't athletic.

After a quick apology to the teacher, Alba had an apron on and was directed to her partner. Alvaro Vacanti was the only student working alone, so she walked over to him.

"Hey, looks like I'm working with you," she said. "What's up?"
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