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Georgia Lee tugged down her uniform top then pulled her hair out of her collar and gathered it together behind her head. As Vanessa was walking over, her tacky boots loud in the little concrete room, Georgia Lee was pulling a hairtie from her wrist, over her hand, and then twisting it tight over and over on itself to hold her ponytail in place. As Vanessa spoke, Georgia Lee was adjusting an elastic headband, making sure that all her hair was tucked behind it. She checked her hair in the screen of her phone before she turned around.

Vanessa was a big girl, at least two inches taller than her, and she looked like she knew how to fight. Georgia Lee had never been in a fight in her life. Was that where this was going? Well, that was an opportunity.

She hadn't meant to pick a fight with Vanessa, but she'd welcome one if it came about. All it would take would be Vanessa throwing a single punch and she would be off the team faster than she could blink one of her grossly overmascarra-ed eyes. Georgia Lee stared up into those eyes now, her whole body feeling antsy and energized, doing her best to keep still and willing the other girl to start something.

Do it.

"I've nothing to say to you, Vanessa. It's clear you don't think this team is worth your time, so I don't know why I'd waste my time talking to you."

Do it.

The larger girl's eyes gave nothing away. Georgia Lee folded her arms across her chest. She was worried they might start shaking, and she didn't want them flying up, if Vanessa tried to land a blow. If Georgia Lee had planned this had this ahead of time, she'd've done it out in the corridor, where there were cameras. Here, in the locker room, she'd need some other form of evidence, and ideally that would be facial bruising.

Vanessa didn't seem to be taking the bait, though. Pity. Georgia Lee exhaled, relaxing a little.

"Some of us actually care about being punctual to practice, so if you just want to stomp off back to your bag, I'm trying to get changed."

She waved a hand vaguely bagwards.

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