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Vanessa had been looking for an overreaction, but not quite on that level. She realised she was staring at Georgia Lee at a crooked angle, a look of perturbed surprise struck on to her face as Georgie’s cutting response sunk in.

“Cocky little shit…” she muttered, perhaps loud enough for Georgie to hear, perhaps not. She turned back to her bag, pulled her top over her head, then found herself stopping, and simmering.

Had she caught Georgie on a bad day? There was a good chance something had crawled up her ass and gotten stuck next to the stick that afternoon, but with Georgie who could say for sure? Was she possibly kicking the hornet's nest if she decided to keep this up, if she decided to return fire and teach Georgie to maintain a little bit of respect in how she talks to people for a change?

Eh, fuck it.

She strode over to where Georgia Lee was, stopping just close enough that she would know Vanessa was behind her, just close enough that the size difference between them would be all the more apparent and add to that ‘Don’t fuck with me’ factor.

“You got something you want to say to me?”
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