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Conrad for whatever reason didn’t take his change. Instead, he gave Tara fifteen more dollars before leaving the place. Was he retarded or something? She was pretty clearly giving him back his money there. Tara was kinda surprised, moving her head both ways towards him and the money, asking what she should do. He supposed that it was his turn at the counter, and stepped forwards.

“Hey, take it this way, you now have 25 more dollars than normal.” He looked around a bit. “Probably more than what they pay you at this place.” He managed a small smirk at her, trying to get her to do the same. “If you really care about being overpayed by him give him the money back tomorrow.”

Now that that was over with, he lifted up the apple juice cups, six in total. He made sure that he didn’t drop any of them on the floor, before he put them on the counter. “How much should I pay for these?”

He was probably going to have to get more after school today, but hey, at least he had something that worked for now.
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