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It was gosh darn near impossible to jump out of a body of water whilst swimming; Mia had attempted it a couple of times when she had been younger and bored. Nevertheless, the sound of Coach Parkinson beginning to reprimand somebody was enough to make her inadvertently reattempt this feat and defy the laws of physics. She froze mid-stroke, switching to treading water instead. If Parkinson was trying to get her attention for lazing around at the start of the lesson, then he probably wouldn't appreciate her swimming along as merry as could be.

Thankfully, Mia wasn't the target of Parkinson's ire today. From what she could gather, that dubious honour went to Jerry and Junko. Well, that made sense. Jerry did have a habit of getting injured, didn't he? It was kinda amusing just how often it happened, honestly. Unfortunate for him, but it was just so frequent. As for Junko... she was another one of the sporty, active, enthusiastic kids, wasn't she? If so, it was kinda weird that they hadn't hung out more. Birds of a feather, and all that. Then again, like poles on a magnet repelled each other and all that.

Mia would have shrugged if she wasn't swimming. Just one of those things, she supposed.

Right. Time to get back to business. Parkinson had totally thrown her for a loop and out of her stride. Mia rolled her neck, feeling the satisfying click, before launching back into a front crawl. It was slower going at first, without a diving start, or wall to propel away from, but it didn't take too long for her to return to her previous form. So, volleyball was next, huh? That was pretty cool, she supposed. Most of her friends would probably classify that as being more 'fun' than laps, but there was a reason Mia was seriously considering taking up swimming as more than a hobby. Still, she couldn't complain too much. It was a chance to try out another sport she didn't get to participate in regularly, which was nothing but a good thing, plus it was still in the water so-

Mia's thoughts were rudely interrupted by something colliding with her, throwing her stroke and her breathing pattern off. She tried to make some sort of noise of aggravation, something akin to 'ack', but seeing as her mouth was underwater at the time, it came out more like 'glub' instead.

Mia raised her head up from out of the water and shook it, droplets flying every which way around her. She looked around to see who exactly it was who had bumped into her, and saw that, somehow, in less than a minute, Jerry had been involved in two separate collisions. Any malicious thoughts, which never lasted long in Mia's mind anyway, were instantly banished, and she simply started laughing instead.

"Pretty sure trying to knock your opponent out counts as an illegal manoeuvre, Larkin!" Mia said, grinning at Jerry all the while.

Hopefully Coach Parkinson would take as lighthearted a view to it as she did.


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