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((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from Every day is great at your Junes))

Alvaro looked down at the mixture that he was currently stirring. It seemed to be a little too thick, but that was okay. While the recipe that he had been given didn't specify, he'd imagine that stirring it a little more would thin it out a little. He was currently in one of Cochise High's cooking classes and the task for today was to bake a chocolate cake. They were supposed to do it in groups, but his partner didn't seem to be here and since there were no other spares and he had experience at the café the teacher had decided that it was okay if Alvaro worked by himself today. He was okay with that, although he kinda wished that he had someone besides him, here.

Oh well, it didn't matter too much. As soon as the bell rang he'd be in another class and he'd be with his friends. It was a short term thing.

He loved cooking, anyway, so his lack of friends here mattered even less. He would have easily gotten rid of his job as a waiter if it meant that he could cook at Vacanti's. Sure, he was underage and was pretty sure he needed a degree for it, but he had done it before when somebody hadn't been able to reach work, so they knew about his capabilities. Plus, being the son of the owner could provide some advantages for that.

Even if he wasn't a professional cook, though, Alvaro still loved cooking. He figured that it was because of the feeling that he got when he saw people appreciate what he did. It made him feel loved. Made him feel that not everybody hated him like he had thought.

Yeah, that was probably why. He continued stirring the mixture, trying to make it a little less thick than it currently looked. He was currently humming something, he wasn't entirely sure what the song was, but he knew that it was something he liked. Probably something from a musical.
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