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Danny went back to observing the graffiti on the desk. Not that Bridgette's thing was boring or anything, but he'd see it when it was done. What was boring was libraries. Ughhh. He could work on some shit, but people might look at it and ask questions and be like 'your art skills suck' and fuck that. He started bouncing a little in his seat.

Then that weird Henry guy turned up. He was okay, Danny supposed. Sometimes his friends were like 'oh, that dude is weird' and Danny was all 'yeah, he's totally weird.' But whatever, people were weird in general.

"Sup. And it's a library, man. Nothing's up except, uh... y'know, books and shit."

Danny retrieved a pencil from his bag and started using it to shade over the rude graffiti on the desk, for lack of anything else to do.
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