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"Hey Human." Cameron said without looking up. She was busy scribbling an idea down on the paper. She knew it was Enzo though because of the voice and nickname. No one else called her Sardine, most people stuck with Cameron, Cammy or Cam. "Not much is up right now, just brainstorming paint ideas and ordering without waiting for you." She pointed at her coffee with her pencil to emphasize her point.

Setting the pencil down Cameron looked up at Enzo...correction Enza. It was a girl day. She knew that already, she had seen Vincenza earlier in the day. Sometimes she found it hard to remember though and she was also sure that it wasn't just her who had the issue. Regardless they were her friend so she had to put the effort in...most of the time.

"So, Mr Mrs Person. What's up with you?" Cameron asked as she took a sip from her coffee, watching as another student from their school walked in after Enza. She recognized them as Coleen Reagan, she was always noticable because of the bad case of melty face she had. Not that she could do anything about it, but her face did look like a waxwork figure with a candle on its left side. Returning her focus to Enza she spoke again. "Since I mean, you look like you want to get something off your chest."
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