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"No nothing big, just the chance to actually improve your skills and support your teammates." Her tone was light and bubbly, but her jaw was tight. She kept her face away from Vanessa, not wanting her annoyance to show, and pulled her shirt up over her head, folding it and placing it in a plastic bag.

"Oh, sorry, skill was what I meant to say. Singular. But hey, you're real good at catching! It makes you very valuable, very hard to replace. Just miss all the practices you like, there's no way there's another girl in the school who's, y'know, pretty good at catching a ball"

That was more than she meant to say, but she was just sick, today, of making very reasonable requests of people and having them blow up on her. All she wanted was to be given some piece to study in a study area, to be given the respect of actually being addressed by her name, yet when she asked for these things suddenly she was the bad guy? She rolled her shoulders back, trying to diffuse the tension she could feel building up in her.

This couldn't be a coincidence. Clearly, she was the common factor here. People looked at Georgia Lee and saw something that made them think they could push her. Maybe she'd just been letting things go too long? Maybe people had gotten the impression they could just walk all over her?

She was sick of it.

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