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Ah, the literal cold shoulder. It was good to see that Georgie, or rather Georgia Lee, wasn’t going to shake things up by acting out of the ordinary today.

“Ok, Georgia Lee”, she enunciated with the much desired care, accompanying her words with finger quotes for good measure. “I’ll keep that in mind, Georgia Lee.

She slung her bag onto a bench on the other side of the room from Georgie, pulling off her tank top and starting to root through her bag for her uniform. She could hear Georgie in the midst of her own changing behind her, and with no-one else in the room to talk to, she decided to make conversation with whatever was on hand. That or just irritate the crap out of her, either was good. After all, Georgie had a tendancy to suck all the life out of a room with her inabiliy to chill the fuck out, so as far as Vanessa was concerned pissing her off from time to time was an even trade.

“Say, Georgia Lee, I miss anything big at last practice, Georgia Lee?” she called over her shoulder, pulling her freshly cleaned top (Thanks, Mom) out of her bag as she watched for Georgie's reaction through the corner of her eye. She was looking for an overreaction, ideally, but she was more than happy to keep this going if Georgie didn't feel like playing ball yet.
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