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It seemed like Vanessa Stone had decided to show up this week. What an exciting surprise.

Georgia Lee had never quite figured out what Vanessa was doing on the softball team. Clearly it wasn't due to actually caring about the sport, because when people care about something they take that thing seriously and respect the commitments they make to actually practice that thing. Vanessa, it seemed to Georgia Lee, did not take anything seriously. School, softball, life: it was all some big joke to her, and the effort everyone else put into the team wound up as the punchline.

Vanessa Stone was someone Georgia Lee had very little time for. She wasn't a bad player, to be fair, though she wouldn't improve if she wasn't willing to work. She'd hit her ceiling: good enough to play third base for Arizona State, maybe, not good for much beyond that. No one gave scholarships for third base. They were too replaceable; it was a waste of funds.

Their coach could make her play with Vanessa, but nothing on earth could make her like the girl. Georgia Lee turned away from Vanessa to face the wall and began pulling her uniform out of her bag. She glanced over her shoulder just in time to catch the sneery little smile that Vanessa gave. Ugh.

With her collagen lips and her giant fake boobs she looked like a Real Housewife, or a blowup doll. What she didn't look like was someone who could ever be taken seriously as a softball player. She couldn't remember her name, for goodness sake! Two whole words couldn't fit in her inflatable head?

"It's Georgia Lee, Vanessa. Georgia Lee."

She turned back to the wall.


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