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Vanessa Stone was the second member of the softball team to arrive in the locker room that afternoon. Apart from a brief detour to grab her sports bag and catch up with BB to borrow her notes on the last math class, she’d made a straight shot for the changing rooms once the bell rang out. She’d missed the last practice, thanks to a bad cold that had kept her in bed all day, so she was looking forward to getting back in action and stretching out.

Right now, her top priority was working on her pitching. She still had her heart set on that coveted pitcher position, and whilst she was pretty confident in her ability to put some grease behind the ball, she still had to convince everyone else how much it would suit her. That, and she had to be able to back up her place too if she wanted the team to keep going strong, which she did.

There was the matter of the captain position that she wanted too, but that was in the bag by comparison. As far as she was concerned, she was a dedicated player and on good terms with more or less all of the team. Couple that with her pretty sick skills out on the field, and she was a shoe-in for the spot.

Georgia Lee, however, was someone on the team who would probably disagree with her suitability to be captain, with how well the two tended to get on. Vanessa tried, and failed, to supress an audible groan when she realised that there was no-one else in the room.

“Heeey, Georgie." she said, straining to force a smile and make it look like she wasn’t guessing the size of the stick up Georgia’s arse.
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