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((Coleen Reagan, continued from Joke's on you I don't link pregame threads))

Normally, a girl had to be careful to watch her figure. Plenty of exercise and eating healthy worked together in tandem to keep Coleen in shape for the stage, and she enjoyed looking reasonably attractive. Anything could be done in the name of beauty to compensate for the one blemish she could do nothing about, the cruel joke fate had played on her. All of these efforts were fine and good, but sometimes you just had to have a damn milkshake.

There wasn't a rehearsal after school today, so Coleen decided to fill the gap by heading into town and enjoying something cold at her favorite restaurant. She never liked heading home straight away; lately, her parents and her siblings had been driving her mad. Her room didn't quite feel like the ironclad sanctuary anymore. Instead, it felt like some sort of drive-by tourist attraction with everybody knocking to bother her. Sometimes Mom didn't even knock; she just barged right on in and started picking up laundry, no matter what Coleen was in the middle of. She nearly jabbed herself in the eye doing her makeup thanks to surprise interruptions, alongside other mishaps or embarrassments.

With a copy of the screenplay for Fiddler on the Roof tucked under her arm and her backpack loosely slung over the opposite shoulder, Coleen made her way into Cheryl's and dropped off her things at a booth near another occupied table. Tunnel-visioned on her own matters, she sat down and began idly flicking through a menu. She knew what she wanted. A single strawberry malt would be enough to get her through most of what she needed to memorize this afternoon. She set it down at the edge of the table and turned the screenplay around, tugging her hair away from her left eye so both of them could do their fair share of the work reading. She just needed to remember to throw it back when somebody came over to take her order.

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