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Georgia Lee Day continued from Puddles

The air in the locker room was hot and thick, like it'd been left without stirring too long and been allowed to set. She was the first one there, which wasn't unusual, and she took the opportunity to splash some water on her face and over her neck.

Sometimes she was the only one changing here after school. The practices were held "off campus", at Sumac park, and a lot of the other girls got their uniforms on elsewhere. There was a half hour between final bell and the start of practice, so they had plenty of time for it, but Georgia Lee liked to get there early to help set up. She was aiming for captain next year, so it was important to show the coach how reliable she was.

She'd done the math. There were 18 girls playing softball for Columbia University. Assuming four year degrees, and an even spread across each level of those degrees, she was looking at 4 - 5 places on the team opening up each year. How many girls played highschool softball? Nearly 400,000 last year. What’d that add up to? Not a very good chance of athletic recruitment, is what. Ability was never going to get her where she wanted to go, not in this case. They’d never ask her to play for them, and "above average softball player" didn't make for a particularly impressive addition to her transcript. She needed prestige, and for that, she needed to be sure that she made captain.

The eyes that met hers when she looked in the mirror were puffy. The face around them looked worn and blotchy. She patted it dry with the hem of her shirt.


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