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((Vincenzo Gatti continue from Puddles))

Today was A Girl Day (capitals necessary). There were girl days and guy days and sometimes neither, less often both. Today, however, was Girl with the large G.

Enzo couldn't really explain how the moods came and went. She suspected that if she could tell, then she would have published some kind of doctorate paper, or something. Doctor Gatti. Vincenza Gatti PHD. Vinny, master of ceremonies.

...In any case it had been stressful the entire time she'd been at school, for all the wrong reasons. Someone had seen fit to drop a little remark Enzo's way, and even though she didn't usually let that kind of thing get to her, the way that the guy had said it - the fact that it wasn't even someone that Enzo knew... well, she hadn't come as far as she had by being thin-skinned, but sometimes, you just got worn down.

She'd felt a little wobbly for the rest of the afternoon, at one point had almost felt on the verge of crying until she'd pushed it away with a surge of frustration and anger. Enza had been keeping ahead of the haters and the bigots for far too long to let just one idiot freshman upset her, right?

Still, Vinny had felt the need to vent, and that's why she'd arranged to meet up with Cameron after school. Cameron got it, in a kind of shit-talking way, though in this case, that was actually what she was after. She needed to just be with someone where neither of them needed to care about being offensive.

Enza tugged idly at the hem of her skirt as she stepped into Cheryl's, catching sight of Cameron straight away, but stopping a moment to adjust as her glasses' sun filter dropped off. That done, she headed on over, flopping down opposite.

"Sup, Sardine?"
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