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What could Cameron do? Vanessa wished she knew. It wasn’t like there was a magic word that would fix everything for her, make her parents fall in love again and stay that way. It would be great if there was; life would be a lot simpler if that was the case. She could tell Cameron what she needed to hear, and everything would be ok again.

Life wasn’t like that though.

She exhaled, laid back, and looked up at the sky. On a clear night like this, there were stars as far as the eye could see, stretching through the black expanse. With the gentle sound of engines rumbling in the background, and the occasional call of the desert wildlife, there was an undeniable serenity to it all.

Perhaps that was the best she could offer Cameron right now.

“Let’s just sit here and get lost in the night.” She muttered, still staring up at the sky. With nothing that she could say to help, maybe the time to think and a friend next to her would help Cameron get where she needed to go.
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