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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from The First Mistake))

It was a Tuesday afternoon. Jeremy Frasier was finally exiting school after the longest fucking math period he'd ever been in. He remembered once reading a book that his perception of time was actually based on when and where you were, and if you were noticing the time or not. There was a saying, "time flies when you're having fun" that kinda summarised it, in a way. When you were doing something that completely absorbed you into it, you weren’t noticing the time, causing the brain to speed through it, in a way. When you were doing something you found boring, though, and if you were looking at the time to see when it ended; it slowed down, since you were noticing the time and every single second of it. It had been a while since he had read the book though, and he was sure he had gotten something about it wrong. He was still pretty sure he had the main gist of it, though.

Even if he had gotten it wrong though, it didn't matter. School was finally over for today, and he was finally going home to see what the internet had gotten up to. Except he wasn't actually going home for a while. His dad had told him that there was a work thing that he had to do around that time, meaning that there was nobody who could pick him up from school for half an hour. Oh well, it wasn't so bad. Normally he'd be really fucking annoyed at his parents for making him stay after school, but he was actually okay with it for some reason. He understood why they couldn't be there for him and hey, it was only half an hour, he could manage. He had been to the library earlier today and he had gotten something that he was interested in, so all was good.

Right now, he was walking across the grounds with the other students of Cochise, about to go to the school entrance in which he was supposed to be picked up from. Again, things could be worse for him. It could be raining, or he could be waiting out the half hour in the maths class with Mrs. Brown. Part of his personal life philosophy was making the best of a bad situation, and if something bad happened to him, he could point at something else and say "could be worse." He wasn't really expecting it coming, though, so that was part of it that he fucked up.

He looked down, and looked at the book he was going to read. Paper Towns by John Green. John Green was someone he looked up to, in a way. He was the dude who made Crash Course, which was a YouTube program that he used for History and other things. He knew that Paper Towns had a movie coming out soon, so he decided to read the book to see if it was any good. He figured that reading from different authors would help him with his writing style, so that wouldn't hurt, he supposed.

He was at his exit now, he found a place on the grass, and sat down.

It was going to be a long half hour.
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