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((Henry Spencer continued from Cruising and Perusing))

Contrary to popular opinion, Henry liked the school's little library. Sure, it was lacking in some areas, but it made up for it in charm. And it had a surprising number of non-fiction books that, while aged, had contained a variety of interesting factoids Henry stored away for further pondering of. Plus, it was nice and bright and good for reading, even if he had to bring his own books.

BYOB, what an interesting acronym. It was also used as a term in restaurants and parties, for "bring your own beer" to inform guests that alcohol wasn't served. It sounded internet-based, but apparently was older than that. Interesting! Henry learned that just now, browsing Wikipedia on his phone. Another reason the library was cool; the librarians didn't yell at you for being on your phone.

Lunchtime went by quickly for Henry, since he was a fast eater, so he'd opted to hang out in the library for a bit, just to relax before afternoon classes started up. He was unusually tired today from his late-night reading, but that meant he was still pretty energetic compared to many of his classmates. Geez, some of them were like zombies. Zombie high school, sounded like one of those Japanese animes or something. Wait, wasn't there one of them already? Hmm...

Henry heard conversation from the table near the one he was seated at. Cocking his head to glance over, Henry was pleasantly surprised to spy Bridgette and Daniel sitting together. Daniel was cool, though Henry didn't know Bridgette very well. Still, a person you don't know very well is just a friend you haven't made, or something like that. Regardless! Time to introduce himself.

Approaching the table, Henry offered a big grin and pocketed his phone. "Hey guys! How's it going?" Henry said, a little too loudly for the library. Whoops. Hopefully the librarians didn't get upset, he liked them. "Sorry." He added in a hushed voice. "But no, what's up?" Hopefully they didn't reply with one of those "The sky" comments and the like. The sky wasn't technically "up", after all. Was it? It was sort of...hmm...Henry didn't know! What even quantified "up" anyway? He ought to look that up.
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