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So it was middle school. Jasper vaguely remembered Caedyn mentioning a goth phase in middle school, and he chuckled at the thought. She was way to peppy to pull off being goth, and not enough angst. He imagined her wearing all black clothes and black makeup, with dyed purple hair and looking sad.

Yeah, he couldn't take that seriously.

Caedyn excused herself to check something. Jasper nodded as she left, glancing at the last caramel slice and then at the counter. He reached over and popped the last slice in his mouth. He stood up, walking over to the counter and paying Alvaro's uncle before strolling out of the cafe. As he stepped out into main street, he too took out his phone and opened Twitter.

Jay Jay ‏@fisda916 now
Mmm (-u-) who knew caramel slices were so good?
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((Jasper Bustamante continued in Sibling Apathy))

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