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((Cameron Herrig continued from Rays on Pinion))

Seven sisters sobbing by the shore
Longing for their lost loves whose ships sail no more
Waiting as the hours pass them by
Growing weak and weary until one by one they die

Cameron twirled her pencil around in one hand, sipping on her coffee with the other. She was doodling as she waited for Enzo to show up. They had decided to meet up for a coffee at Cheryl's after school and Cameron had arrived a little early. So to pass the time she had started drawing up ideas for potential body art for shows. Some of them were a bit more out there and she found she was spending more time actually thinking about what each one would actually look like than actually drawing them out but the end result for some of them had potential to look fairly interesting and cool. That was what made it rewarding.

Still it beat going home by a large margin. She actually preferred going to a place like Cheryl's because it let her put her headphones in and do her work in blissful ignorance. Plus she could hang out with friends at a cafe. She twirled a strand of copper hair around in her finger as she looked at the sketch in front of her. It was a basic outline of person (her) with no defining features, and lightning lancing down its face and body. It was a basic idea but lightning by itself was boring to her. It would need something else but she was stuck for what.

With a sigh Cameron flipped to a clean page in her sketchbook and went to work on a new outline. The lightning idea could join the other works in progress. Maybe she'd revisit it, maybe not. She never really knew with an idea that would be used at gigs. It had to be a certain standard but sometimes she said she'd put more work into one and she never did. Normally though when an idea grabbed her she finished it in on sitting. If that was the case things weren't looking good for the lightning idea and the others.
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