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No big surprise; GLD wasn't interested in eating. Vinny wondered, briefly, whether that was because she actually wasn't hungry or because of whatever was passing between Fiyori and Georgia that they weren't quite following. Something was up, but they didn't have their sleuthing hat on.

Their sleuthing hat was the best for thinking things through.

Fiyori seemed pleased that Enzo liked their food, though. Psh, look at them, Mister and/or Miss popular today, making all the friends. Too bad that the girls weren't playing nice, really, or this could have been a great little diversion from work for a lunch break. Ah well. Enzo knew better than most that some people just plain didn't get along, and that trying to change that wasn't really worth the effort. God knew that they'd made enough people prickle in their time.

Vinny rubbed their nose, smiled again at Fiyori.

"All righty, Chihuahua. I'll catch you later. Thanks for the food."

A lazy salute to say goodbye, and then settled to take a few more bites of burrito, glancing at the clock on their phone, glancing back to GLD.

"Hate to leave you hanging, Rainy, but my next class is the other side of campus, so I better scoot. Keep your head up!"

They hopped to their feet, flicked their wrist in a wave, and walked away, taking the first few steps backwards before turning around, stretching and thinking ahead to the rest of the day.

Stream tonight? Stream tonight.

((Enzo continued in The Black River))
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