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Henry sympathized with his views on higher education while wishing Kimiko good luck on fighting sexism in the Olympics. Samuel couldn't think of any ways the modern Olympics were misogynist off the top of his head, so she should be fine. Henry went on before turning his attention to a graphic novel that caught his eye, breaking the conversation.

He wasn't sure what to think of Henry. While they apparently held the same interests, Henry ran his mouth far too much for his liking. Besides, he was an underclassmen and he was graduating in a few months anyway, so it was a little too late to be making friends in high school.

He noticed Kimiko hold up the novels she was holding and point towards the desk. Samuel got the message, and nodded in acknowledgement as she excused herself. He looked down at the Hedge Knight, which was still in his hand. It didn't hurt to get it, so he may as well follow suit.

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