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Well that would explain it. Bryony hadn’t known for a fact that Sandra and Vinny were friends – she was far too preoccupied with increasing her own circle of friendship to pay incredibly close attention to other peoples’ casual friendships – but the fact that they were made sense. They were both friendly, personable people, after all. It seemed almost inevitable to Bryony that they’d end up being friends, and for Sandra to catch a couple of Vinny’s streams. It was the sort of thing she’d do, even if she wasn’t wholly interested in video games.

Come to think of it, Vinny was another person Bryony aspired to be more like. Whenever they hung out, Vinny always seemed to be enjoying himself with whatever they was doing. It wasn’t that Bryony didn’t enjoy herself when she participated in her own hobbies, but Vinny’s enthusiasm was always infectious. She’d often have one of their streams on in the background whenever she was sketching, although she only actively participated in the chat when there weren’t many other people watching, or only making small, generic statements when there were more people. There was something about putting her voice out there, online, for other people to see, that intimidated her. She felt certain that whatever she said, somebody would find a way to make fun of her for it. It was the same deal with League, or Smite. She communicated solely with pings, and kept All Chat turned off at all times. One ill-timed comment could ruin her entire mood.

Oh. Uh. Shit. Bryony’s mind had kinda drifted off there, hadn’t it? Bryony shook her head, focused, and looked at Sandra with her best attempt at an apologetic smile.

“Oh, um, gosh, sorry. You just, err, reminded me of something, and I guess I... spaced out, a little.”

Bryony gave a small laugh, and quickly ate a spoonful of ice cream to hide her embarrassment.

“Anyways, um... I didn’t know you watched Vinny’s streams too! I think I caught a couple of the, um, Shovel Knight ones... they died a lot on Propeller Knight’s level. Knowing Murphy’s law, though, I, um, always end up catching them when they play horror games... especially at night...”

True, horror games were always less scary when Bryony had a Vinny, or a Mark, or a Michael and Gavin to share her terror. Still didn’t stop her from turning on every light in the house whenever she needed the bathroom during the night, after watching them, though.

“Part of me wants to try streaming too. I mean, uh, I’m kinda decent at most games, I think, especially SMITE. I just, I dunno... I don’t think people would wanna watch me stutter and fail to think of anything to talk about for hours on end...”


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