"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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((Gonna skip Aura on the posting order, seeing that he hasnít posted in nearly a month))

Nine words made Jeremy start to cringe a little. One of the few people Jeremy did not want to have heard that joke just came in.

Jerry was an okay person, most of the time. He was loud, but that could be funny, sometimes. Problem was he wasnít really the smartest of people. That would be fine normally, he didnít discriminate based off how smart someone was; but oftentimes he wouldnít get jokes that Jeremy made, which meant that he had to explain it and ruin the joke, which was never fun. It also kinda made him worry a bit. Was Jerry just not getting the joke, or was he the one who wasnít funny? It wasnít something he often thought about, due to him not wanting to become fucking paranoid, but it came sometimes.

Nevertheless, Jerry came in and now the whole thing was super awkward. Even worse, BB didnít quite appreciate the joke, saying that it was gross. A pang of sadness hit him, and he stopped eating his jam sandwich for a bit. His joke didnít seem to be funny. That wasnít good. Maybe he probably shouldn't have made the cock steaming joke after all. He looked away. BB then passed the baton on to him.

Wait, never mind. He seemed to be okay here.

He looked at Barry and Jerry; they didnít quite seem to know that they were both just joking. They probably wouldnít appreciate it if he continued.

Eh, live in the moment, deal with the consequences later. No regrets.

ďOh, Iím really freaky, if you know what I mean.Ē

He then did the wink again, and looked at Jerry. He may as well answer the question about his virginity.

ďAt least, thatís what they all said after I worked them up.Ē

Well, nobody said that he had to tell the truth, at least. He winked again, for good measure.

Maybe he shouldnít overuse that. Oh well.

"But in all seriousness, we're joking. I said something about how the world was going and it turned into a sarcasm fight, I guess."
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