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Phew. That turned out rather well. Jeremiah would have hated it if Parkison would've monologued him or Junko. Jerry just hated it. Not because he was afraid of being ridiculed by the teacher in front of his classmates. After all, everybody looked at them anyway, right now, but whatever. It would've been just annoying.

Whenever a teacher or a parent wanted to hold a curtain-lecture. Sure, this was effective for little children, he himself was also intimidated by these in the past, but now? They were in high school, it was ineffective, it was boring, it was a waste of time.

Jerry knew that, even if either of them would not do their best, it'd have no consequences. He was good in PE, he couldn't give him an F on his report for bumping into somebody. Besides, he was pretty good in volleyball, so even then he would get a good grade. No consequences, this was ridiculous.

Parkinson's behaviour was really ridiculous and his threats were bluffs. But Jeremiah was smart enough to know that, heh. But hey, maybe his other classmates didn't know that. That's why Parkinson's a teacher, isn't it?

That was the goal. Make every student do their best. That's what Jerry did, that's what he knew without having to get a lecture. So he tried to swim slightly faster.

And then his opinion about the threats changed when he bumped into Mia, who was a dang fast and good swimmer.

He really should've payed attention instead of ranting about Parkinson's silly threats in his head. Now he realised that the threats might've been more than just annoyance why he didn't want to be drill sergeant'ed. And bored he wouldn't be.
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