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Can you hear me?
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A whistle.

“Hey, Kurosawa, what’s going on?” Parkinson’s voice piped up.

Shiiiiiiiiit. He noticed. This was not the day to get in trouble in P.E. Even if Jerry was fine, and it was an accident. It was never a good time to get Parkinson on your case. Junko turned to him, treading water. He was standing at the edge closest to her, trying to figure out what just happened. Right, let’s hope he believed her when she said it was an accident.

“I wasn’t paying attention, and… I think we kinda crashed into each other”, she said. “He’s fine, though.”

Parkinson frowned, and looked back to Jerry. Then back to Junko.

“Pay better attention.” A few seconds later, he spoke louder so everyone else could hear. “I want to see everyone trying their best here! Do laps, and then we’ll have time for volleyball!”

Volleyball, once they were done with laps. Right. As much fun laps were, volleyball would probably be more fun. For starters, it would probably be more… acceptable? Correct word? Well, okay, she would be able to compete and show off. And there would be less chance of crashing into your friends. Less.

Alright, Parkinson. She could play by that. No getting distracted, no crashing. Noted.

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