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Kimiko didn't have a response to Henry's comment about being able to take part in the Olympics. She didn't get why she would have cared since it was such a strange hypothetical scenario. But if she had to have an opinion she thought it was better that women also got the compete. Then he kept talking, and talking, and talking some more. He only stopped when he saw a graphic novel he liked the look of.

At that point he seemed to forget that Kimiko and Samuel both existed and was transfixed by the graphic novel he had picked up and was reading. Kimiko could only look at Samuel and shrug. Henry seemed to be friendly enough but as far as social interaction went he seemingly didn't quite get it, or didn't care. Kimiko couldn't really tell.

Instead she took the opportunity the pause in the conversation offered to return to the two graphic novels she had been looking at. She held them up to Samuel and pointed to the counter the make it clear she was going to pay for them. That way he wouldn't think she was just leaving him high and dry.
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