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Alessio's nose was being poked, which would've been weird if somebody he didn't knew would do it, but when Penelope did it while saying 'boop', it was pretty funny for Al. He considered to poke back, but he decided against it, because he had no hands left. One hand turned the volume down, so he could actually understand her. The other carried the bag. But then he put the bag on the ground, so he wouldn't need to carry it around the whole conversation.

"Ah, that is cool. I didn't know that you were doing this. Uh, You're doing yoga, right? I was shopping. Uhm-"

Well, he barely knew what else to say, so the interruption she did wasn't bad. Penelope greeted Adelaide whom he didn't notice was here as well. She was also a student in their grade, but besides that he didn't know her closely. She was apparently jogging, given that she was drinking from a fountain and also given that she was dressed like she would do something athletic right now.

With a quiet "hey", he also waved with his free hand to her.
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