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Penelope opened her eyes when she heard a familiar voice call her name. She turned her head toward the sound and gave Alessio a toothy grin when she saw his face. He was one of the friendliest people she knew and a good friend of hers. "Hey Alessio!" She shouted, over the wind. She took herself out of her mediation position and stood up, giving the closest thing she could muster to a cat smile before poking Alessio in the nose. She often did this to her close friends as a way to express her affection in a way that other people typically don't. She doesn't bother poking friends who have a problem with personal space, but as a person she is very touchy towards people she is close to.

"Boop!" She said, as she poked Alessio's nose and continued poking him a few more times after that. "How have things been going, friend? I was just trying to relax here in the park for a moment, I do it pretty regularly if you didn't already know!" She sat back down as she listened to Alessio as he talked, and glanced over what was going on around her. She noticed Adelaide Walker not too far from them drinking out out of the water fountain. She was looking at them in between sips as they conversed. Adelaide was not the type of girl that she talked to very often, but Penelope at least knew her name. She brought her index finger up. "Just a sec, Alessio."

Penelope waved her arm in the air and shouted over to Adelaide. "Hey! Adelaide! Fancy seeing you here! 'Sup?"
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