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An annoying thing the people around Fiyori often did was to remark upon her oh-so-great and hidden brilliance. Sometimes it was talent. Sometimes it was potential. Different words for what ended up being the same concept. To be honest, she herself didn't get why people said that. Her mother started it, she figured. And it kinda spread around their family friends.

You'd figure that you'd love to be showered with praise but Fiyori detested it. Someone would praise her intelligence. Some with grandiosity, others with plain assessments. Then they'd remark on her lack of academic performance. In other words, they meant 'You're lazy and you should feel bad for wasting your brilliance/talent/potential'. Here and there they even said it openly.

It was different for her cooking. Not because she took a warm and brimming joy from it. Rather, because she was good... actually, no. She wasn't. She knew too many people who had a far better hand at it. Yet, people enjoyed her stuff. Most of them only tolerated her because of that, she'd have guessed. Not that the details mattered much. Whenever people took a bite and responded with a smile, something happened in Fiyori.

Something warm.

So when Enzo took out a hearty bite and a smile appeared on their lips, Fiyori felt good. It was as if Enzo's satisfaction turned into the sun of a gentle spring day. Warming up Fiyori's entire body. Giving her a sense of being content, yet with new energy filling her entire body.

But, alas, it was a fleeting moment.

Fiyori glanced over to Rainy again. She chuckled shortly, shrugged with the shoulders and carefully placed the burrito away.

"Yep! If there's a thing I'm good at it's stuffing people. Always make sure to carry enough for more than me!" She paused for just a second and decided to speak more clearly for the next bit. "Wanted to give it to my two friends but they left already."

Welp, that was enough for now. Rainy was probably not going to come out of her shell. A shame, she'd guess. But there was another day tomorrow and then there came a few more and then they would all die of various reasons but that was quite far away anyway. Mostly.

"Anyway, I gotta go. Got some business to attend. Gonna give that last one to... some junior girl or something."

Yep. Fiyori got enough time. Usually, she wouldn't do shit like that, but for some reason she found some entertainment in this little farce. She could muse about the reasons later, but for the moment Fiyori had a good resolution.

She would learn what her goddamn name was. From her.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Just Wants a Distraction]

Also, she'd grab Enzo by the side somewhere and ask why the hell they chose 'Chihuahua' as a name. But that was probably not a challenge.
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