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"Yeah, it does." Like her friend Cameron couldn't think of what else to say. She had said the important part. Instead she settled into staring out into the dark desert. The inky blackness of it was strangely soothing, every so often she would be able to hear the sound of another car rumbling in the distance. She liked to imagine it was the sound of large dinosaur from back in the Jurassic or the Cretaceous. It made her feel better because it felt so far away. She made a mental note to see if she could pull off a dinosaur themed paint job for a show. Experimenting with it to make it look good was something that she could throw herself into. That or a composition.

"I don't know what to do Vans." As soon as the words had left her mouth Cameron regretted them. It felt too much like a cry for help. She didn't want to be the person that needed all the emotional support. She didn't want to be a burden. She just wanted the company of her friend more than anything.
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